How to: Basic Felt Fascinator Base

As you may have guessed, I am currently in full crafting mode creating fascinators for the launch of my Etsy shop. So, I thought I would share some “how to” posts.

The Base: Everything in the world of fascinators rests on this (literally), and it is super easy to make.

Gather supplies: 1 piece of hard felt, scissors, a piece of fabric, and the all amazing glue gun.

(I couldn’t help but post a photo of my beloved)

We begin. Cut a shape out of the hard felt that you would like your fascinator to be. I prefer to use round shapes.

Once you have cut out your shape, cut a straight line into the centre (see above).

Your glue gun should be heated up and ready to roll by now.

Squirt a little bit of glue on one side of your cut and pull the other side on top creating a little cone shape. This pop allows the fascinator to perch perfectly on the head.

Now, pick up your favourite fabric and cut a square that gives at least a 1cm allowance around your shape.

A little dabble of glue inside the tip of your cone will secure the fabric nicely.

Once secured it is time to start pulling the fabric around the piece of felt.

I like to start with securing four points (with your trusty glue gun) to the top side of the base…like so.

and continue this process creating nice pleats where you can.

Now the top bit (as above) is nothing to speak of, but not to worry as your trimmings will sort that out. It is more the underneath section that you want to look beautiful. It’s the same feel as wearing a coat lined with gorgeous fabric or a handbag with the extra special touch inside.

This completes your base. Let the trimmings begin!


1) if you select a fabric with a bit of stretch you will find that it is easier to get a smooth edge.

2) try out a tear drop shape (this goes really well fastened onto a headband)

3) if you find that you have excess fabric on the underside make a nice neat fold in line with the seam of the felt

Now, if you want to get fancy or are hoping for a lighter look a material called sinamay is the way to go. Stay tuned, I will post the how to on that next….


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